How to Get Started

Now that your CannAffiliate account has been approved, how do you start earning commission from our advertisers?

Step #1

Login to your CannAffiliate account

Step #2

On the navigation menu, under “OFFERS” click on “All Offers”
All Offers tab CannAffiliate Dashboard

Step #3

Scroll through the available offers to the right and click on a offer that interests you.

Step #4

Your unique tracking link (for that specific offer) can be found under the “Your Tracking Link” text.

tracking link

Step #5

Scroll to the bottom to find any display banners and/or social media graphics. You can either download these graphics directly or you can grab the embed code (click on “Get Code”) for your website.

Get Media

Step #6

Post your unique tracking link anywhere you wish: social media, your website, email, SMS, etc. CannAffiliate will automatically track all of your sales and send you a check at the end of the month!