Attention affiliate marketers: The cannabis industry is booming and now is the perfect time to tap into this green gold rush. With more states legalizing marijuana and the adult usage rate climbing, opportunities for affiliate marketing in this sector are on the rise.

Are you keen on earning from high-quality marijuana dispensaries, brands, and products? We’ve got good news for you. Our team at CannAffiliate has curated a list of top-tier marijuana affiliate programs ready for your exploration.

As more dispensaries upgrade their services to include online ordering and pick-up options, your potential audience is expanding every day. So, whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer looking to diversify your portfolio or a greenhorn seeking a promising niche, this list is your key to unlocking new revenue streams.

So, let’s dive into this robust list of marijuana affiliate programs. Choose the ones that align with your brand and start reaping the benefits today.

The future of cannabis affiliate marketing is here, and it’s brighter than ever.

Join us in shaping it!


Grassdoor website

Seeking to channel your cannabis-focused traffic to a trusted platform? Look no further than Grassdoor. Serving more than 800 zip codes and 55 cities across California, Grassdoor is a leading online marijuana delivery service, boasting safety, affordability, and speedy delivery as its core principles. It’s no surprise that many believe they’ve hit the mark.

Here’s why Grassdoor stands out in the cannabis affiliate landscape. Unlike many delivery service affiliate programs that only reward for new customers, Grassdoor appreciates your recurring influence. They offer commissions not just for first-time users, but also for returning customers.

Offer Details

  • Commission: $35 CPA for new customers and $15 CPA for returning customers
  • Cookie Window: 30 days


Lantern website

Dive into the world of multi-state cannabis affiliate marketing with Lantern. As an on-demand marijuana delivery service catering to medical cardholders in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Michigan, Lantern offers a unique browsing experience. Users can easily explore cannabis products from various dispensaries connected to their platform, removing geographical limitations.

The rare opportunity to partner with a marijuana dispensary with affiliate marketing capabilities spanning multiple states sets Lantern apart. Their steady growth makes them an ideal candidate for enhancing your affiliate marketing strategy. So, don’t hesitate – secure your partnership today.

Offer Details

  • Commission: $50 CPA
  • Cookie Window: 30 days

a Pot for Pot

a Pot for Pot website

A Pot for Pot is a leading provider of complete grow kits for cannabis, based out of the United States and shipping worldwide. Their grow kits have gained significant recognition, enabling thousands of people to successfully grow and harvest their own weed at home. They make growing cannabis at home fun, affordable, and rewarding, with no grow tent required. Their kits come with a free grow guide, and everything you need to go from seed to stem, including specially formulated Super Soil, discreet packaging, and a $40 seed coupon.

If you’re looking to direct your traffic to a high-quality home growing solution, A Pot for Pot is an excellent addition to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Window: 90 days
  • Promotion: Save 10% with promo code: “CANNA10”

DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer website

DaVinci Vaporizer, also known as DaVinci Tech, is a premium vaporizer company that prides themselves on their relentless innovation and determination to building the perfect vaporizer. Their best selling vaporizers are the IQ2, MIQRO, and IQC (their latest release).

Their affiliate program is one of the most popular out there in the cannabis space as they have great brand recognition and their high-quality products can stand up to the best vaporizers on the market. With that said, if you’re not an affiliate for DaVinci you should definitely signup today.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 10-20%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Promotion: Save 10% with code “CAN10”


DabTech website

DabTech is a major disrupter and leader in the vaporizer and portable dab rig space. They make high quality products that are made in the USA at DabTech HQ. In addition to being high quality, they pride themselves on their affordable prices. Leaving out some of the flashy lights and frills some of their more expensive competitors may have. Make sure to check out their popular Dabtech Duvo and their technologically advanced Carta Smart Electronic Dab Rig.

DabTech’s affiliate program is very attractive due to their high commission rate (when compared to other ancillary product brands) and exclusive 15% off promo code.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Promotion: Save 15% with code “CANNA15”

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber website

Dr. Dabber is a very popular brand that makes high-quality portable dab rigs (eRigs), vaporizers, vape pens, and vaporizer accessories. Their flagship product, the Boost EVO, is one of (if not the) best selling portable dab rig on the market today. The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is also a very popular vaporizer that vapes both oil and flower. Their other vaporizers utilize their high resistance Titanium Technology which allows them to heat your product without burning or charring.

If you’d like to promote high-end vape products to your users while also earning a nice commission due to high cart values, then make sure to join Dr. Dabber’s affiliate program.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Promotion: Save 15% with coupon code “SAVE15”

MJ Wholesale

MJ Wholesale website

MJ Wholesale has been a leader in the marijuana packaging industry since 2015. They supply dispensaries, growers, suppliers, and producers with high-quality packaging products at low prices.

MJ Wholesale is a rare find in the cannabis affiliate marketing industry. Not only because they’re a cannabis wholesaler, but because they’re a wholesaler who sells online! Most companies who are wholesale will only deal with customers over the phone. So make sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity and join their affiliate program right away.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Promotion: Save 10% with code “CANNA”


MunchMakers website

MunchMakers is trusted a wholesale leader for bulk custom made grinders and ancillary products such as j-cases, stash boxes, rolling trays and more. Whether you need 1 or 10,000, MunchMakers has the amount of high quality products you need and lets you customize them with your own logo or artwork.

Finding a great wholesale company with an affiliate program that you can trust is rare in the cannabis industry. MunchMakers not only delivers on that, they also have a terrific ecommerce experience. This allows you to send your traffic here with excitement as the AOV can potentially be very high and have peace-of-mind knowing orders will be tracked properly and not lost through a form.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Promotion: Free Shipping on Orders Over $250

Herb Ripper

Herb Ripper website

Herb Ripper is a top-of-the-line herb grinder brand that produces 100% medical grade stainless steel grinders that are also ultrasonically cleaned. With all of the cheap aluminum grinders out there, it’d be hard to find a better quality grinder than Herb Ripper’s. Their flagship product, The Ripper, is infamous amongst cannabis connoisseurs for being able to cut through even the toughest grinding needs.

Herb Ripper offers a competitive commission rate for affiliates and their conversion rates are some of the best in the industry when compared to other cannabis accessory companies.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days

Session Goods

Session Goods

Session Goods, or Session for short, manufactures premium quality accessories and smoking devices intended to bring a little class and prestige to everyone’s smoking “sessions”. Their glass bong seems to grab everyone’s attention but they have a wide range of products, including: ashtrays, stash jars, pipes, one-hitters and more. Session is the perfect site to send your affiliate traffic and visitors who might be interested in high quality cannabis devices.

Session as a brand and recognition is growing throughout the cannabis space so make sure to join their affiliate program and get ahead of the curve.

Offer Details

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 30 days

Buzz Delivery

Buzz Delivery website

Buzz Delivery is a popular cannabis deliver service based out of San Francisco, California. If you look up all of the ‘best marijuana delivery services in San Francisco’ reviews you’ll see Buzz Delivery ranking near the top every time, and for good reason. They offer fast and secure delivery and all of their products are lab tested for potency and safety.

If you’re looking for a high-quality dispensary to send your San Francisco based traffic to, Buzz Delivery is a perfect addition to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Offer Details

  • Commission: $25 CPA
  • Cookie Window: 30 days
  • Promotion: Save $10 on your first delivery with promo code: “10MYWAY”


What types of businesses can I promote as part of a marijuana affiliate program?
As an affiliate marketer, you can promote a wide range of businesses. This includes marijuana dispensaries, cannabis accessory brands, vaporizer companies, and even wholesalers like MJ Wholesale. Each of these businesses offers unique products and services to a growing market of cannabis users​.

What kind of commissions can I expect from marijuana affiliate programs?
Commissions vary across different programs. For example, Grassdoor offers $35 CPA for new customers and $15 CPA for returning customers. In contrast, DaVinci Vaporizer offers a commission between 10-20%. MJ Wholesale also offers a 10% commission. Therefore, it’s important to check individual program details.

How long does the cookie window last in marijuana affiliate programs?
Typically, the cookie window in marijuana affiliate programs lasts for 30 days. This means if a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will earn a commission. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific terms of each program.


Just as the marijuana industry is experiencing a surge in growth and development, the same burgeoning trend holds true for affiliate marketing within this sector. The scope of this growth is still unfolding, and the opportunities are vast.

Recognizing this potential, CannAffiliate has diligently curated this comprehensive list of top-tier marijuana affiliate programs. Our aim is to give you confidence that you’re aligning with the cream of the crop in the industry, promoting the most reliable and reputable programs available.

Whether you’re contemplating which programs to join or have already taken the plunge, we’re eager to hear about your experiences and choices. Your feedback will help us to continually refine and enhance our offerings, making our platform more valuable to our users.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our community and helping you to succeed in this thriving industry​.